Created for the Mini Jam 112: Chrono


You are Daß Dashhörnchen. Longing for adventure you climb the Clocktower of  [INSERT NAME]. But little did you know, [INSERT NAME] is not any normal Clocktower and Daß gains strange powers...


Press <A> and <D> to move left and right,
Tap them again to perform a dash into the respective direction

Press <SPACE> to jump. The longer you keep it pressed, the higher you go!

Press <SPACE> in the air to perform TIMESKIP, a strange ability, taking you out of time for a short amount.


Soelna - Main Programming, Magic Unity-Stuff
Stegoratops - Music, SFX, Random Stuff
Xanashea - Artwork, Animations, Character-Design


Download 35 MB

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